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Japanese Matcha Tea Sets

Japanese Matcha Tea Sets

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Matcha Tea set:

This Japanese Tea Ceremony Matcha set is the ideal way to get your matcha on to prepare your matcha the traditional way at home as used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

1 Chashaku of Matcha = 1.0 ~ 1.5g.

For Usucha, thin tea, use 2 Chashaku of Matcha. For Koicha, thick tea, use 3 to 4.

How to make a cup of delicious matcha?

1. Place 1 Matcha Scoop of matcha into your bowl

2. Pour in about 80 ml of hot water (72°C / 162°F)

3. Run your whisk under water, then whisk together the matcha and hot water until there are no clumps and a fine froth develops on top (about 10-15 seconds)

Specifications of the items:  

Bamboo Matcha Whisk 100 pondate, 10.5cm (4 1/8") tall X 6cm (2 3/8")

Matcha Bowl D:10.5cm, Height: 7cm

Matcha Scoop L.: 18cm, W.: 0.9cm

Whisk Holder Height : 8cm, D: 6.5cm

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