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Claw Grasp Garden Gloves

Claw Grasp Garden Gloves

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Time to get dirt-y! Or not so dirt-y. Use these gloves to tend to your garden. Plant your vegetables and flowers easily with the rubber claw design. These are a favorite of our all Kitchen Witch and Faery Kind! Dig up weeds and plot your seedlings as they begin to spread quick! 


Features: With built in claws for digging, planting and raking, these garden gloves are a one step solution to your gardening tasks. The gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands.

These gloves are: washable, flexible, tear-resistant, multi-purpose working gloves are suitable for general-purpose, DIY, assembly, auto repairing, warehouse, home improvement, yard, gardening, cleaning, farming, handling, packaging and etc. 

Specification: Material: Rubber+ABS Plastic

Size: One Size.24 * 12 cm

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