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EMS Foot Massage

EMS Foot Massage

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Are you tired of sore and tired feet after a long day of wearing high heels? Do your legs ache from standing for long periods of time? Are your feet cold and bloody? If so, then you need the EMS Foot Massage! This amazing device simulates the foot massage techniques of a professional therapist and helps you easily give yourself a pedicure at home. It is perfect for relieving pain and fatigue, and improving circulation. The EMS Foot Massage is easy to use, USB charging, and very portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is an essential health care device that everyone should have. Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating foot massage!


Product Specifications:

Size : 32cm * 29cm * 2.8cm

Power supply : USB/Battery

Massage principle : vibration

Mode intensity : Rechargeable version with built-in lithium battery, 6 modes and 15 speeds

Digital display, built-in lithium battery, 6 modes, 9 speedsRemote control model 1/2 contains lithium battery, 6 modes and 9 speeds, both the remote control and the host are charged by usb

Battery model without battery, 6 modes and 9 levels of power.Working voltage : 3.7V

Working time : 25 minutes

Working current : 50mA


Package Includes: 1 x Massage pad1 x Main controller(If you purchase Remote type)1 x User manual.

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