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Herbs + Crystals Basics Kit

Herbs + Crystals Basics Kit

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Just What You Need - All the witchcraft herbs you need in one box.

Each beautiful gift box has 16 or 30 herbs and antique crystal spoons, so you will always have a pinch of what you need at your fingertips. 

Explore the Magic World: Need ideas on how to use your witchcraft herbs? We have prepared it for you! On the back of each bag, you will find the magical properties and suggested uses of each herb. This variety of dried herbs is a must-have for the following purposes: cleansing, rituals, spells, etc.

Multiple Functions: Release negative emotions and purify stagnant energy in your family, body, and mind. With the help of our herbs, explore your personal spiritual journey and inspire your inner magic.

The Great Value: The weight of each  herb is 0.35 ounces. There are a variety of kinds to meet your various needs, enough to let you understand the magical properties and uses of each spell herb.  

Specification: Types: A: 16 kinds, B: 30 kinds

Type A (16 herbs): Red flowers; Lavender, Gardenia, Fig, Bergamot, Myrrh, Telosma Cordatum; Ammonium Tsao, Verbana Malt; Agilawood; Mint; Tulip and Sandalwood

Type B (30 herbs): Red Flowers; Lavender; Gardenia; Fig; Patchouli; Dill; Bergamot; Clove; Myhrr; Jasmine; telosma cordatum; Agrimony; Galangal; Dried Ginger; Dandelion; Ammonium Tsao; Elderberry; Eucalyptus Leaves; Geranyl Castor; Verbana, Malt, Lemongrass, agilawood, Mint, Rose, Tulip and Sandalwood.  

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